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Lenka was a pleasure to work with and provided very sound nutritional advice along with many meal options for vegan salads and smoothies. Lenka works around your work and leisure lifestyle and is very flexible in her approach to dealing with clients and what is practical for you as an individual. She is also a most positive person who instills self belief and the desire to change your eating habits for the better. I got some great results following Lenka’s meal plans and feel slimmer and more energetic all round. I would highly recommend her services. 
(Laura 45, teacher) 
I worked with Lenka over 10 weeks. She was brilliant and so informative. She was able to interpret my blood test results in a nuanced way to figure out how my diet and gut were contributing to some specific health issues I was struggling with. Her meal plan and diet adjustments were brilliant to help resolve these! Can’t recommend her enough and also her simple recipes were delicious and left me feeling so energized! 
Karen 30, social worker 
Usually, I don’t write any reviews. However, this time it is different as I am very grateful for Lenka’s support and her super positive attitude. Despite having a healthy vegan diet, lifestyle and weight, I struggled with lower energy and a bit of weight gain. After checking what I ate, she quickly discovered the issue (too much fat (although healthy!!!). Hence she tweaked my diet and now I have much more energy for all things, I got much stronger in my different exercise classes and of course also lost some extra weight. I am very happy, grateful for her work and think this was certainly one of the best investments I have done this year. Thank you very much Lenka! 
Julia 34, Compliant manager 
Lenka is super professional and helpful. She motivated me without making any pressure. I loved her the fact that she gives you explanations so clearly and definitely by trying her recipes or even adapting them sometimes, I have seen great results. My body feels way better. Thanks for your support and kindness. 100% recommended if you want to start your journey into plant based eating habits 
Aura 35, office worker 
Though I was plant-based already, my weight had been slowly creeping up and I was unhappy about that as health is important to me. I didn’t want to go on any fad or extreme diets but instead wanted something that would work with my lifestyle and beliefs about nutrition. I had searched for solutions to it but none seemed tailored to my circumstances until I found the Plant Happy Girl service. 
As a busy mother of teenagers, I was concerned I would find the process overwhelming, as I’m cooking for a family not all of whom are plant-based. I had no idea what to expect and was feeling a little uncertain at the start. 
However, not only did Lenka provide me with tasty recipes, but also ideas on meal-planning and an organised system which actually saved time. I particularly liked that she showed me her kitchen and the appliances that worked for her – and even the inside of her fridge! This made the whole programme easier to visualise and to put into action. 
I didn’t feel at all deprived on the programme – quite the opposite, as I was able to eat many delicious foods daily and in large quantities. I was surprised at how easily and quickly my cravings subsided. Once my taste buds adjusted, I enjoyed the real taste of food to the extent where even a bowl of porridge seemed like dessert. The communication was excellent throughout, involving a good mix of face-to-face meetings, scheduled phone calls, emails and texts. I also enjoyed all the handouts and the video. The hints about how to handle holidays, meals out etc. were very useful. 
Working with Lenka was a joy from start to finish. She is knowledgeable and professional and also very enthusiastic and supportive. She anticipated any wobble I might have and responded immediately with advice to my many questions, resolving any issues with tailored solutions. 
I thoroughly enjoyed going through the programme. I recommend Plant Happy Girl unreservedly – because it works! Like any process, you get out of it what you put into it. I did work hard, but it was more than worth it. I’m delighted with my results as I lost one and a half stone and have more energy and look better. I’m feeling positive and enthusiastic about my eating and believe the programme will continue to work for me throughout my life. Thank you, Lenka! 
Nicola, Writer. 
5 stars are not enough for Lenka. I have worked for her in her 12 weeks programme and she has really helped me transform my life. Not only have I lost some weight, but I have also created some healthier eating patterns. She has understood my needs from day 1 and has been so supportive all along. She is extremely professional and so nice to work with. If you are serious about healthier eating habits, I would highy recommend you contact Lenka. Thanks again so much Lenka. Kind regards, Nadija. 
Nadija 40, hypnotherapist & mind coach 
I'm so happy about her work. From the first time I meet Lenka until the end of our 6/8 weeks program, Lenka was really attentive and she was looking for solutions in relation to my habits. Her advices and recommendations are always putting feelings and body first which I love really much ; all of this without never losing the goals. She teaches me a lot that help me very much to understand better "my body" and how to feel better ! After several weeks where I followed Lenka's reco, I felt the difference especially regarding the energy ; I'm not anymore tired after a sleep, digestion is such a key to our body ! I'm still working with Lenka on another program and I'm so so happy about our exchanges that are always really helpful. Thanks again Lenka for your work, advices and active listening ! 
Tiffany 34, office worker 
When I reached out to Lenka asking for help, I was at my lowest. You name it: no energy, incredibly overweight after the pandemic, candida symptoms, excruciating period pain and PMS, mood swings, cravings, bad skin and hair. I thought I was eating pretty much healthy, maybe snacking a bit too much, but Lenka was able spot my weaknesses and guide me through my weight loss journey without going hungry, ever. So I bought the full package and didn’t regret it: the results so far are amazing. I feel much more energy, my period pain is gone, I’ve lost weight, and I feel much more lucid and happy in general. Although I understand results can be very personal, I can’t deny that Lenka’s help was pivotal in my well-being journey. If in doubt, please do a favour to yourself and book Lenka’s consultation today— she will also help you understand which package she offers suits your needs best. You’ll learn through her guidance the power you have right now to change your life for the better. I am so grateful I decided to reach out to her and so happy for the amazing help I have received—Lenka, on top of things, is also very nice and a great listener. I cannot recommend her enough. 
Antonella 40, Creative manager and designer 
In March, my doctor was unhappy with my cholesterol and prescribed a statin drug. Obediently, I took it for most of 90 days. After picking up the renewal, I Googled side-effects of that drug and realized I was experiencing several unwanted side-effects. I quit taking the statin and went looking for a food-based way to lower my cholesterol. I thank God for PlantHappyGirl’s timely class, and all valuable instructions! I have bought books of whole food plant-based doctors, look for WFPB recipes online and I’m feeling better than I have in ages. My BMI is down to 25.5 – almost down to the normal section of the chart! I’m loving this WFPB diet and would recommend it to everyone. 
Anonymus, Florida, USA 
PlantHappyGirl is an amazing nutritionist! She really tailored her advice to help both my husband and I re-set to our food goals. She’s extremely kind, patient and understanding on each step of our health journey. Helping us get more energy, adapt to our food intolerances and my own weight loss journey (and eating to improve my arthritis symptoms). Not to mention extremely knowledgeable! Don’t go any further if you’re looking for help and support on whatever your nutritional goals are! Can’t recommend her enough! 
Amy 39, Senior Program Manager 
Lenka is very knowledgeable, so helpful, supportive and has helped me to change my diet and I would very highly recommend her in every way! She helped me to get off my stomach tablets for acid reflux that I have been on for 20+ years and caffeine and I also have a full guide and even a shopping guide for going forward. I feel so much better in myself. Thanks so much Lenka, you have been an amazing help to me! 
Lorraine 47, Life Coach 

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