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My Mission 

Become alive, release extra pounds and swap pain for joy and fun. 

I believe… 

that eating foods which love you back is about feeling free and joyful. 
It’s not restrictive, boring or strange. 
Enjoying vibrant fruits, vegetables, wholesome grains, nuts and seeds opens up a world of health, joy and peace. 
It’s about stripping back the noise of processed foods, fad diets, various supplements and fear of not having enough X, Y Z…. 
Then you open all your senses and enjoy food for what it is, tasting different flavors, seeing vibrant colors and enjoying feelings of great satisfaction. 

Invest in yourself 

Due to our fast paced environment we are so overstretched and feel that chopping a salad or blending a dressing is a luxury we can’t afford to entertain. When in reality road to vibrant health and joy can be as simple or as difficult as you make it. It’s simple smoothies, salads, dressings from nuts & seeds, lentil chilies and stews what makes this lifestyle easy to follow and delivers results. Yes, at first it may take a few tries until you find your ways and it may take some time for your taste buds to adjust. 
It’s essentially like listening to a Mozart symphony after you returned from a hard rock concert. You can hardly appreciate delicate tones of violins. But the longer you stay with subtle flavors of fruits, greens and beans, the more your taste buds open up, the more you taste. So much so, that even porridge tastes like a treat. 

Quick fixes are just a distraction 

If you love growing plants, you know how much water, love and care they need in order to create buds and bloom. 
The same applies to us humans. We can’t expect that pounds gained over years fall off within a few weeks. Or that inflammation disappears by eating a handful of broccoli or Iron levels increase by having a daily barley grass shot. It’s always the whole what counts. 
And if not the whole then the majority of our actions which move us towards our goal, be it an ideal weight, healthy body or a healthy relationship with food. 

Break free 

We often create prisons for ourselves through what we believe is expected of us or through our own expectations.  
And that includes our diet! It’s the thoughts of “what should I eat, so I’m good”, or “have I had enough protein today” or saying to yourself: “I did really well, I skipped lunch”, it’s these kind of restrictive thoughts which make us suffer and move away from freedom and joy. But it’s in your power and at your fingertips to bring more simplicity and fun into the way you eat and live. Let’s connect more with nature, go back to your roots and feel what it’s like just to enjoy a meal and lose yourself in the process. I believe that eating glorious plants will help you do that as their vibrant energy becomes your energy which spills also into your life. 

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