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You don’t need to try another diet to heal your body or drop a size. Nature has it all prepared for you – packaged and ready to go.

Fuel yourself with plants and get your healthy and beautiful body back. You are worth every ounce of energy you put in….

Hi, I’m Lenka, and I’m Here For You!

Have you been vegan or eating plant-based but still not feeling any different

Perhaps you are more surviving than thriving, crave sugar every day and forgotten what it’s like to be pain-free?

It’s time to turn this around!

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Short Courses

Weight Loss

Learn how to get to your ideal weight and feel like a million bucks by eating real food!

We’ll tackle cravings, how much fat you truly need, social situations and how to make healthy treats without refined sugar or oil.

Food As Medicine

Combines science with practical tips on how to go dairy and meat free so you reduce inflammation and fight disease.

You’ll learn how to fall in love with vegetables, how to crave the good carbs and avoid disease-causing plant-based traps.

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What My Clients Say

I lost 1/5 stone and look better than ever. I was able to eat many delicious foods daily and was surprised at how easily and quickly my cravings subsided.

Nicola (56)Writer

I gained laser sharp focus and my energy went through the roof. Lenka's advice was suitable to my lifestyle, do-able and easy to follow.

Marta N (40)Data Analyst

My indigestion disappeared, energy increased, mood improved and pain from endometriosis is almost gone!

Marketa H. (32)Director of Sales

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