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Switch a lifetime of dieting for abundance & joy!

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What if you could trade being on a diet, counting calories and portion control for abundance, joy and peace of mind?

What if you knew you can trust your body and stop worrying that the scale will go up after just one meal?

Hi, I’m Lenka

and I believe with every cell in my body that you are designed to eat until comfortably full yet be your ideal weight.

Yes, you were taught you need to be mindful of how much you eat.

But controlling the size of your meals will leave you hungry for the very same foods you are trying so hard to avoid. It’s confusing as you keep eating less but weighing more.

But, what if you could reverse that?

And, instead of minding the size of your meals, focus on eating more delicious plant foods while your clothes become loser?

It’s absolutely possible and craving the good carbs is what you were designed to do.

So grab my 3 – day reboot plan and let’s get started!

Can't wait

Weight Loss Videos

Losing Weight in a Delicious Way

plant-based weight loss

Plant – Based Meals

Finding your ideal weight happens one meal at a time. Try these recipes to feel satiated while nourishing every cell of your body.

sugar-free desserts

Sugar-free Desserts

Switch refined sugar for natural sweetness of whole fruit and calm down sweet cravings with desserts which are good for you.

Get my 3 – day reboot plan to kick start weight loss!

Short Courses

Weight Loss – Online

Learn how to get to your ideal weight and feel like a million bucks by eating real food!

We’ll tackle cravings, how much fat you truly need, social situations and how to make healthy treats without refined sugar or oil.

Food As Medicine – Online

Combines science with practical tips on how to go dairy and meat free so you reduce inflammation and fight disease.

You’ll learn how to fall in love with vegetables, how to crave the good carbs and avoid disease-causing plant-based traps.

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What My Clients Say

I lost 1/5 stone and look better than ever. I was able to eat many delicious foods daily and was surprised at how easily and quickly my cravings subsided.

Nicola (56)Writer

I gained laser sharp focus and my energy went through the roof. Lenka's advice was suitable to my lifestyle, do-able and easy to follow.

Marta N (40)Data Analyst

My indigestion disappeared, energy increased, mood improved and pain from endometriosis is almost gone!

Marketa H. (32)Director of Sales

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