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Hi, I’m Lenka and I’d love to help you get your health back on track, so your body feels like you’re home again. 

I can help with: 
Releasing inflammation 
Balancing hormones 
Sensitive gut and digestive issues 
Lack of nutrients 
Cravings and keeping blood sugar at check 
Low energy and poor sleep 

How would you feel if you could: 

Stop overthinking your diet and just let go 
Create peace with your gut 
Drop inflammation and say bye to swollen ankles and puffy skin 
Master hormones and stop piling on weight 
Zap cravings in a delicious way 
Make vibrant and satisfying meals in minutes 

Your health is waiting for you at the end of your fork and it doesn’t need to be complicated. 

When you flood your cells with nutrients they need, they start to create harmony and balance from the inside out. And you start to thrive. No matter what age or circumstance, the inner wisdom of healing and rebuilding is always there. Food provides the building blocks, so you get to enjoy your beautiful home. 

I’d love to support you! 

I offer a range of services to help you transition and create a lifestyle which will help you feel your best physically and emotionally. Together we fine-tune your health, eating habits and create a loving and enjoyable relationship with food. I’ll support you with: 

121 coaching sessions: 

In my office based in South Dublin or in the comfort of your home (online), you can have highly personalised one-to-one sessions taking into account your current diet and lifestyle, challenges you’ve been through and goals you’d like to achieve. 

Small group gut reset 

This reset program is about abundance, not deprivation. It’s about detoxing your body, recharging batteries and fine tuning your gut while giving your cells nourishment they need. By using high quality organic superfoods in combination with coaching focused on creating healthy habits for life it’s designed to help you accelerate your way to health. 


I worked with Lenka over 10 weeks. She was brilliant and so informative. She was able to interpret my blood test results in a nuanced way to figure out how my diet and gut were contributing to some specific health issues I was struggling with. Her meal plan and diet adjustments were brilliant to help resolve these! Can’t recommend her enough and also her simple recipes were delicious and left me feeling so energized! 
Karen 30, social worker 
5 stars are not enough for Lenka. I have worked for her in her 12 weeks programme and she has really helped me transform my life. Not only have I lost some weight, but I have also created some healthier eating patterns. She has understood my needs from day 1 and has been so supportive all along. She is extremely professional and so nice to work with. If you are serious about healthier eating habits, I would highy recommend you contact Lenka. Thanks again so much Lenka. Kind regards, Nadija. 
Nadija 40, hypnotherapist & mind coach 

Meet Lenka 

My love for nutrition started at College of Naturopathic Medicine in Dublin where I came across the concept of eating a nutrient dense plant-based diet and reversal of disease. It fitted so well with my previous work as a nurse and studies of sports training. Already as a nutritional therapist I felt inspired to enrol in the Plant-Based Nutrition program at eCornell created by Dr T. Colin Campbell and have been learning since. 

Start your journey to vibrant health with my free e-book: 

Reboot, nourish and gently detox your body 

This free e-book will help you start gently detoxing your body one meal at a time. It’s filled with colorful breakfasts, detoxifying salads and smoothies, warming up chilies and scrumptious treats. It’s made to help you nourish your body while slowly eliminating toxins at the same time. You’ll also find answers to the following questions: 
What About All The Sugar From Fruit 
Raw Or Cooked 
Gas And Bloating 
Plant Foods Your Gut And Your Mood 
About Dental Health 
What Kitchen Appliances To Use And More. 
These recipes are my family favourite, and they are a gentle way to bring more living foods into your diet and life. As a result, you’ll start vibrating with energy and health too... 

Just fill in your details and I’ll send it straight to your mailbox. Thank you! 

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