Do you wish you could break free from a sugar-filled life?

That you could reprogram your mind and instead of waking up thinking – how can I get a sugar fix, you’d simply enjoy a cup of tea and a nourishing breakfast?

If so, you are not alone.

Chocolate, ice-cream and biscuits made it into the top five of most craved foods worldwide. It’s the mixture of sugar, fat, salt and processed flour which hijacks our pleasure centres and gives us an unnatural high.

It’s all about pleasure and survival!

The pleasure you feel after biting into a chocolate bar is caused by dopamine, a neurotransmitter released in your brain. This brain chemical makes you feel good and it’s a signal to keep on eating.

The more sugar and fat – the more calories there is and the harder it is to stop eating. The richer the food, the more dopamine gets released and the more pleasure you feel. Everything in your body is saying: ” keep on eating, don’t be a fool, you’ve just hit the jackpot!”

And before you know it, you find yourself in a trap of rich, sugary foods which is hard to escape.

So how do you break free? 

First, realise it’s your biology. You are hardwired to seek the most calorie-dense foods in your environment for your survival. That’s how we made it until today.

Every extra calorie our ancestors stored in their bodies carried them through famine. But our situation is different! We’ve been living in abundance which means you can have any treat you wish, at any time of any day.

And since it’s your environment dictating your food choices, you need to be aware and take action!

Be prepared.

Always and in all ways.

I’m sure you know your “weak” spot, so target it.

Get rid of the old stuff (remember the power of environment!). Then find healthier alternatives and make them available when your sweet tooth awakes.

Do you love chocolate? See whether you could replace it with dark cocoa, nut and dried fruit balls (see the recipe here. ) Do you fancy biscuits? How about swapping them for home-made oatmeal cookies?

If you stick to “as close to nature as possible” not only will you get a sweet fix, you’ll also nourish your body. How is that for efficiency, huh? 😊

True, for a starter these won’t taste as exciting as the old artificially rich, sweet and processed foods. Just give yourself some time to reset your palate and dial down the pleasure centres in your brain.

It takes about 4 weeks to align with your natural instincts so you start appreciating a bounty of naturally sweet fruits, vegetables and whole grains again.

Then, I promise that through this process of neuroadaptation you’ll grow to love nut/fruit power balls, dates sweetened carrot cake or nut oat cookies from your own kitchen more than you could ever imagine.

Cheers to you and a delicious way of living!


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