Super healthy, worth gold, but costs nothing!


Do you ever wish there was a magic bullet to a healthy, lean and beautiful body? And if there was, wouldn’t you just run straight to the pharmacy and pay a fortune for a pill to guarantee you steady weight and levelled blood sugar while eliminating digestive issues and cancer?

Such a magic bullet exists and it’s called fibre.

Now, before you think yeah, yeah.. I eat my fruits and veg but still don’t feel in top shape and form, hear me out. Most likely, you aren’t getting enough!

The RDA for fibre is 30 g/day but the truth is, the more you eat, the better. Honestly, you may be concerned about getting enough protein, calcium or magnesium, but fibre probably hardly crossed your mind.

One of the things you know about fibre for sure is, it “makes you go”, right. After all, even the simple saying what goes in must also come out, is another way of saying, keep regular. And there are many reasons why.

 load up on fibre

The best cleaning agent ever

Think of fibre as a gentle cleaning sponge which soaks up all the byproducts and “dirt” your body has no reason to keep. It absorbs dead cells, toxins, undigested bits of food and extra cholesterol or hormones circulating in your body. These unnecessary substances go out with every bowel movement you have.

But, if you tend to take a break for a day or two and your toilet paper lasts you over a month, it’s a sign you should revamp your relationship with fibre.


Protective power of fibre

Did you know that every 10 gr of fibre you add to your diet reduces the likelihood of breast cancer by 7%? (study). And, it’s similar with prostate or colorectal cancer.

The connection is simple. When your bowels resist movement, all the things you converted and made ready to eliminate, stay inside your intestines. All the inactive and disarmed toxins get absorbed back into your body which challenges your immunity all over again. In addition, as the undigested proteins and particles of the foods stay in direct contact with the intestinal tissue, they challenge its integrity.

When this happens long enough, this may lead to a leaky gut, an auto-immune disease, inflammation or even cancer.

Now, I already feel like eating a whole lot of prunes, don’t you? 🙂


The positive effects keep counting

Fibre is also the best helper when you want to protect your heart or stave off diabetes. (see The one food to eat to balance blood sugar post.) Fibre fills you up without adding any calories… being a real shortcut to your dream-size clothes. But make no mistake. It needs to be the natural form of fibre you find in unprocessed whole grains, potatoes, legumes, fruits & veg and nuts & seeds. Added fragments of fibre to white flour, morning cereals or seeds sprinkled over a white bun won’t do the trick here.


Sources of fibre

You find fibre only in plant foods and trust me when you stick to a natural plant-based diet you easily hit the recommended mark.

Simply focus on adding the following foods to your diet every day and the fibre benefits are yours to enjoy 🙂

  • 1 cup of legumes/ day = 7 gr of fibre
  • 2 cups of brown rice, buckwheat, Bulgar wheat, quinoa, millet, oatmeal/day = 6 gr
  • 3 pieces of fruit = 9 gr
  • 4 portions of vegetables = 16 gr
  • 1 handful of nuts or seeds = 3 gr

Total: 41 gr of fibre/day

What would your menu look like?

Simple yet satisfying. You’d start with a bowl of porridge and fruit for breakfast, enjoy peanut butter pasta with some kale salad for lunch, fruit & veg smoothie with oatcakes as a snack and twisted chickpea stew with steamed veggies for dinner.

How does that sound?

I hope you feel like snacking on some raw veggies dipped in hummus right now. After you do that, share with me in the comments below:

In what specific ways are you going to change your menu so it’s loaded with fibre? 

As always thank you so much for your words.

Lets enjoy the fibre-filled living together!

With love


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