The truth about balancing hormones naturally


Hormones. You’re born with them. You need them. You naturally produce them every day. And even though it’s as natural as breathing, I bet the thought of balancing hormones in some way has crossed your mind.

Your body knows very well the amount of hormones to produce to keep you healthy. But it’s easy for this sensitive system to go awry. And what is the finest and smartest piece of your bodily art, the hormonal (endocrine) system, can be easily thrown off by the food you eat.

It may sound strange that what you enjoy at breakfast, lunch and dinner has a say when it comes to the hormonal balance. The truth is however, that what you eat makes your hormones either do their job perfectly without you knowing, or they keep checking in with you on a regular basis, asking to be fixed.


balancing hormones


Powerful hormones

When your hormones work at their best, you flow through the days in a good mood and without pain. Your energy becomes endless, your skin and mind clear. You can easily withstand any “fatal” attractions to foods while enjoying an occasional treat.

On the other hand, once your hormonal balance is off, it leaves marks on your body and mind. Your skin breaks out, cravings hit, weight fluctuates and your periods turn into a struggle of pain and heavy, never-ending bleeding. Without you realising, you start to plan around your discomfort instead of planning how to spend the time off.

Yes, hormones have the power to plan your life. When all over the place, they can even put on hold one of the biggest dreams of all, having your own bundle of joy.


Get the weeds out

Your body knows how to be healthy. Better than that. It wants to be healthy!

Feed it right, it’ll work right. The minute you start eating foods that interfere with your hormones, it’s like planting weeds in a beautiful flower pot, your body. Weeds will take over the space which was meant for healthy thriving flowers. They can eventually push them out all together.

In the same way when you keep adding other hormones into your own chemical cocktail, it‘ll start interfering with the fine hormonal balance you have. What am I talking about?

The main disruption to your hormonal radar comes from dairy and other animal foods.

The milk, cheese, cream, yogurts and ice-cream, they all come from an animal. And as we have our own set of chemicals, the animals have too. After all, they’re breathing creatures with their own desire to live and reproduce. Imagine how big a chemical cocktail they deal with on a daily basis to sustain their effortless living!

Now, when you sprinkle a handful of cheese on your pizza or some Parmesan on pasta, you’re loading your food with an extra portion of hormones that you don’t need. The make-up of those chemical “weapons” is different compared to yours. They are much stronger and even though natural, still miles away from your own. That’s why it’s no wonder they start to interfere with your health.


More to the story…

It’s not only the hormones in the animal foods that throws your body chemistry off.

It’s also about the fat which goes hand in hand with these products. A high fat diet increases your own hormonal production (see the study here and here). Result? In addition to the hormones you need, you produce some extra doses adding to the overall hormonal load – yours and the one of the animal you ate. You don’t need to be a math nerd to sum it all up. Eventually there is a hormonal party going on inside your body with a big hangover of energy dips, period pains or cravings, to follow.


Natural solution

The great news is that as your endocrine system responds to the hormonal boosters, it reacts to ANY type of foods. What was once stimulated, can be now calmed down. The key to success is the type of foods you use.

What are the powerful soothers?

It’s the natural plant foods. Whole grains, potatoes, legumes, fruits and veg are truly magical because of their fibre and low-fat content. Fibre is like a freight train for the stuff you don’t need inside your body, including excessive amounts of hormones. In addition, when your diet is low in fat, you don’t overstimulate the endocrine system so it doesn’t go into overdrive producing more hormones than you require.

Simple and easy, right! It’s a win-win situation when you eat natural plant foods. You load up on fibre and other nutrients while avoiding the chemical bullets from other living creatures.


Smooth transition

Moving away from animal products may feel overwhelming but it doesn’t need to be. Pick one step at a time, one change per week and keep building on it.

To help you take the first steps you can use tips from the Plant Happy Dairy or Meat Switch Sheet.

Don’t forget that with every wholesome plant bite you take you’re helping your hormonal system to find its balance. This will bring peace to your body but also to your mind. And needless to add that also to those around you.


Now, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me in the comments below:

What is the one step you’re going to take to start balancing your hormones today?

Thank you so much for sharing.

Let’s start balancing together!

With love



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