Goals: Boost my energy, concentration and drop some weight

Marta testimonialI had the pleasure of working with Lenka twice. The first time when I asked for advice regarding balancing a veggie diet for my child. The second time I was looking for help to boost my energy, concentration and drop some weight.

Each time she gave me professional, comprehensive, valid information. Her advice was always right to the point, suitable for my life style, do-able and easy to follow. I can ask her anything about diet and always get the answer which makes sense.

The extra important thing for me is that she is passionate about plant diet and she has not been trying to take me off it like all doctors, dietitians I know.

With her encouragement I achieved all my goals and got an extra bonus: a fantastic friend and food guru!

Marta N. (40), Data Analyst

Goals: Improve digestion & reducing pain caused by Endometriosis

The first time I asked Lenka for help was in 2010 when I suffered from indigestion and stomach pain caMarketa testimonialused by stress and by bad diet. She explained what type of foods to avoid and what ingredients to use when cooking, so my body benefits and my health improves. After some time the indigestion disappeared, my energy increased, mood improved and as a bonus I lost some weight.

The second time I worked with Lenka was in 2016 when I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I was nicely surprised to learn that the right diet can help reduce the symptoms (especially the excruciating pain) I was feeling. Lenka showed me case studies and research proving that there is a lot I can do about my diagnosis only by changing what I eat. This gave me the courage to face the illness.

Lenka properly explained what and why I should stop eating, she created sample menus to help me start with my new life style. She showed me how to find the new products I wasn’t used to and even recommended some specific stores where to buy them. The service was just perfect because not only I received valuable professional advice but also emotional and psychological support. And now after a few months I can say that I’m feeling much better. The pain has almost disappeared and overall I’m feeling great.

Marketa H., (32), Director of Sales & Revenue

Goals: Clearing skin & stop cravings for sweets

I asked Lenka for help to balance my diet, clear my skin and I wanted to stop cravings. I have reaped Sam testimonialso many benefits since I changed my diet. I no longer crave any type of sugar, even my black coffee I drink 100% pure, with absolutely no sugar, syrup or honey. Desserts, which used to be one of my weaknesses, they make no difference to me anymore.

My problems with acne are gone. I know how to control them, what to do and what not to do. It doesn’t mean that I know everything, but what I know already makes a huge difference in my life. And I am so grateful to Lenka because of that.

Samara A., (30), Teacher


Goals: Reduce cholesterol and improve health of my liver

After a very thorough and personalised consultation (and friendly chat) Lenka devised an eating programme for me that was specifically tailored to my health goals. She was very clear about what foods were good to eat and why, and which foods just have no nutritional value at all. My original eating habits were ‘pretty good’ but Lenka wanted to make them ‘excellent’. She advised me to try the new programme for 3 weeks and to then see the results.

Well I have to say I was very pleased with the results as my health goals were reached. After not even 4 full weeks I had lost 2.5 kg and my liver health was much improved. Although I personally don’t buy into the whole ‘cholesterol – heart disease hypothesis’ my blood test results in the new year were a sign that my body and liver were out off balance. My new blood test showed a 22% drop in LDL and a 20% increase in HDL.

So thank you, Lenka, for your good advice and support!

Paul N., (42), Director of Studies