Mini- initial session : 45 min : €69

Mini-initial session is good to choose when you want to know what the nutritional therapy is about, how it could help and simply want to give it a try. This no obligation mid-length session will give you a flavour of how improving your diet can transform the way you feel today.

You’ll fill in an entry form prior to the session, so I get to understand your diet and concerns before we meet. At the consultation I’ll give you advice regarding your health concerns, you’ll get a nutritional plan with tweaks to your diet and tips on how to incorporate them so it suits your life-style.


Follow – Up: 45 min : €59

Follow up is great when you want to build on the changes you’ve made, need some clarification or a loving push to go on. It gives you an extra boost of motivation when you feel you’re dragging your feet and the results aren’t coming as fast as you were hoping for.

We’ll go on and expand on the changes you have made so far. We’ll address challenges you may have been facing and tweak your diet further so you see an even bigger shift in the way you feel.


Standard Package : €159

Includes: Full initial session 70 min + 1 Follow up 45 min

The full initial session gives us extra time to talk in more detail about your concerns. What we may only touch on in the mini initial, we can dive into it with more intensity to make sure that you’re clear on EXACTLY what to do in order to feel better.

After the initial, there is a follow up call and emails with some work sheets and additional materials to help you put all the changes into place and keep you motivated. I may also ask you to keep a food diary, so I see better how you are handling the change and adjust your plan if necessary.

I recommend for the follow up to happen 3-4 weeks after your initial but it always depends on what you decide yourself. At that point, we’ll already have an idea of what’s working and what may need to be tweaked more. We’ll fine tune your plan, so you see more positive results.

When the follow up is over, you’ll receive additional supportive materials to help you achieve your goals. The package runs over 5-7 weeks depending on how fast you want to go yourself.


Plant Happy Package : €209

Includes: Full Initial 70 min + 2 Follow ups 45 min each

This package covers period of 8-12 weeks during which you get the maximum nutritional service and support I can offer.

You’ll receive the full initial session with follow up call, mails and bonus materials. You’ll also get 2 follow ups with more work sheets, some bonus and motivational support as needed. You’ll hear from me every week asking how you are doing and feeling. It’s not to invade your privacy but to make it easier for you to follow through with your nutritional plan. This way we can immediately address any challenges which may come up rather than waiting until your next session.

When the second follow up is over, I’ll have some more materials for you, so you stay on track with healthy eating beyond your sessions. In addition, if you feel like booking any more follow ups after, you may do so for €49 per session.

P.S. To give you a safety net, if within a week after the initial you feel this isn’t something you want to do, you get back 60% of the money you paid.


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