Plant based diet and your family


What’s good for you is also good for your family. And this is 100% true when it comes to a plant-based diet. But especially at the beginning you may worry about your kids not getting enough protein and calcium. Or about your partner dropping too much weight or losing muscle.

And what if you really want to follow this lifestyle but your family insists on eating the old way? What can you do, not only to survive but also to keep the peace in the house while enjoying natural plant foods?

It’s important to tackle head on any question which come your way and face any challenges right away.

Because when you know the solutions to the “tricky” situations, you can fully embrace plant-based eating, lose yourself in the process and get all the benefits.

plant based diet

I know for sure that with a little bit of planning, good intention and love, things can be worked out. And I’ll be really happy to help you do exactly that.

Together we’ll make plant based eating work in your own environment. We’ll talk about social pressure, what to do when going out with friends, visiting family, celebrating or travelling. The aim is for you to become confident and entirely comfortable with a plant-based diet.

If you wish to come to the session with your partner or a child who you feel should be there, please do so. I’ll gladly talk to you both. After all you are living under one roof and what you are doing is always going to affect everyone close to you.


To make your journey smooth, exciting and fun we’ll address the following:

  • How to cook for a flexitarian family
  • Transition of recipes to their plant based version
  • Weekly planning – making it happen
  • Creating a supportive environment
  • How to get all the nutrients you need
  • When & what to supplement
  • Going out
  • What to say to avoid conflict
  • Picky eaters


How many sessions will you need?

You may find after the initial session that’s all you needed to point you to the right direction. Then, in time some questions may pop up that you’d like to address at a follow up. We’ll work at a pace you choose making small changes or taking big leaps. On average the transition process takes between 4 – 8 weeks and at the end of it you should feel confident and well-settled in your new lifestyle.


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