Balancing hormones


Being a woman is a blessing. Even though you may not agree especially if you tend to suffer through your periods. I mean it may be headaches, low mood, sore breasts, cravings and painful cramps that makes you wonder how much easier it is for a man…

Yet all these symptoms are trying to say, that your hormonal system needs to be re-calibrated. Every moment of pain and discomfort is a nudge for you to change what you eat, so you support your own hormones rather than throwing them off.

Whether it’s acne, dry skin, PMS, endometriosis, fybroids, or even breast cancer, what you are going through, is a result of the foods interfering with your hormonal system in combination with your genetic vulnerabilities. The minute you start cleaning up your diet, moving towards natural plant foods, you start restoring harmony and balance inside your body.

balancing hormones

You recycle oestrogen better, allowing it to remain at healthy levels. Your detoxification becomes more powerful, skin clears up, mood improves, pain and cramps go. Your hormonal clock simply starts ticking in its own natural rhythm.

Sometimes you need to go all the way and get rid of all the animal products, processed foods and fats. Sometimes small tweaks do the job. It depends on where you are today and what results you are looking for.

I’m ready to help you on your hormonal balancing journey. Together we’ll set measurable doable targets for you to reach every day. This will help you keep moving forward, towards your pain free, happy-to-be-a-woman life.


Together we’ll focus on the following:

  • Why some foods interfere with hormones and what to do about it
  • Oestrogen disruptors
  • Anti-inflammatory foods
  • How to deal with cravings
  • Insulin resistance
  • What to eat to keep the mood up
  • Foods to eat for clear and bright skin
  • Changing recipes to their “cleaner” version


How fast can you see any results?

If you stick to your dietary plan you should start feeling the difference within two weeks. To experience a major shift in your health, it usually takes at least a full menstrual cycle. The time of your period is the feedback you get on how well you’ve been doing and whether you are on the right track. The second cycle passes and that’s your graduation. By then your body is clear on whether your diet is supporting your hormonal system or working against it.

To reflect on all this, you’ll need an initial session and depending on how confident you are with your improved diet 2-4 follow ups. This will cover a time of 10 – 15 weeks of coaching, worksheets, emails, call support and bonus materials. All of which will help you become clear on what foods build the hormonal balance inside your body.


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