Nutritional Therapy

Imagine that eating tasty meals could help you stop heart burn, increase energy, clear skin, get rid of menstrual cramps and headaches or protect you against diabetes. 

Picture yourself enjoying refreshing smoothies, stir fries with spring vegetables or a steaming lentil chilli with mash, all topped with delicate raspberry brownies.

Too dreamy to be true? Not at all! It’s closer to reality than you think. 

Nutritional therapy uses nourishing foods to support your body, so you forget about what used to be sore and think about what you love. Because believe it or not, food is the reason why you’re breathing, laughing or crying. It can make you healthy, bouncing like an Energizer bunny, but it can also make you sick. And because you’re unique in your genetic make-up, in your body’s strengths and weaknesses, you need an approach that is specifically tailored to you.

At your nutritional therapy session, we talk about your health issues, your diet, lifestyle and focus on the goals you want to achieve. We figure out what the powerful foods are which will strengthen your body and discover which foods may look healthy but keep harming you long term. You get support and guidance every step of your journey and by using specific strategies and tools, you gain power to achieve the health goals you’ve been hoping for.

You set the course. You decide how fast or slow you wish to go. Because the truth is, you’re the master of your health and nutritional therapy is a short-cut so you can get the healthy-You back!


What conditions can you turn around?

When you put a spin on your diet so it’s supportive and pampering for your health, see what it can do for you:


Help with Autoimmune issues

When the immune system attacks your own body, joints can hurt, thyroid gland slows down, you may suffer from Diabetes type I., Irritable bowel disease, multiple sclerosis or psoriosis.

Sometimes figuring out what foods trigger this reaction can be a tedious job, but it’s totally worth at the end. By removing them, you calm your immune system reducing or eliminating the symptoms altogether.

Tune up your Digestion

It’s difficult to enjoy your meal with a fear of what’s going to happen after you’ve finished. Even the healthiest foods in the world can hurt some people, triggering symptoms of indigestion, heart burn, acid reflux or even pain.

By leaving out the offending foods and replacing them with healing alternatives, relief comes almost instantly.

Make peace with Food sensitivity and Allergy

You may already know you suffer from a sensitivity to certain foods or from an allergy. But what to eat instead so it’s health promoting? How to say goodbye to the “dangerous” foods when they’re one of your favourites?

I’ll show you how to easily enjoy wheat, gluten, dairy or a soy-free diet, helping you fit your new food choices into your lifestyle.

Protect your heart and arteries

Often, it doesn’t hurt, doesn’t limit you in any way but having heart disease can suddenly change the course of your life or end it altogether. That’s why it’s important to keep your arteries healthy and cholesterol and blood pressure down. The best way to do it? With the right diet!

At your nutritional session you’ll learn how to keep your heart healthy while still enjoying the food you eat.

Stop Hey fever, Asthma and Sinus infections

When your immunity is low, you can’t cope with pollen or bugs flying around. As a result you may need antibiotics almost every month and battle hay fever or asthma along the way.

With a few specific changes to what you eat, you ‘ll finally enjoy the smell of a flower at spring time.

Clear your skin

Condition of your skin is a mirror of what your diet is like. So if your skin is itchy, gets red and flaky or if you suffer from a rash or acne, it’s something you eat that you’re reacting to.

At your session you’ll learn how to get rid of those foods so your skin glows again.  

Help with Weight loss and Diabetes

When you feel shaky during the day because your blood sugar dropped, it affects more than just your hands. Your performance drops, you crave foods, feel irritable, snap at people you love only to beat yourself up over it later. In addition, you’re also more likely to pile on a few pounds or to develop Diabetes type II.

When we adjust your diet, your blood sugar markers significantly improve protecting you against diabetes and energy slumps while boosting your every-day performance. Together we’ll work out what approach you can stick with to make the positive changes last.

Get rid of Woman's Health Issues

Adjusting your diet is a real game changer if you want to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding and eliminate pains and cramps you may have during your periods. When your hormones are balanced you can relax and use your time off to travel rather than to get through your period.

Eating the right foods also prevents and reduces the symptoms of fibroids, endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome. And if you’re looking to get pregnant, you multiply your chances!