An easy way to melt the stubborn fat away


‘Weight can creep up on you!’ flew through my head as I struggled to zip up my skirt this morning.

Whether you blame holidays, your kids not finishing their food or mum for giving you the “fat” genes, the truth is, you can pile on a few pounds with the swish of a magic wand.

Then staring at your reflection, you’re trying to figure out how to breath in the clothes which used to fit like a glove.



Feel vs. Be

Whether this resonates with you or not, hand on heart, you can easily obsess about your looks. And it’s not only you and me, anyone who loves beautiful things. We feel attracted to beauty and naturally want to be a part of it. In the process, we may forget that it’s not that important what shape, size or colour we are but how we feel.

When you know you want to feel energised, happy and empowered, you stop skipping meals or trying crash diets. You embrace your health and focus on natural ways of improving your body so it makes you happier. Then you’re going to feel great about yourself and reach your goals almost effortlessly.


Size matters!

Healthy body weight doesn’t only pick up your self-esteem or attracts man’s eye. It also reduces chances of you getting 11 different types of cancer. This includes stomach, ovarian, endometrial and post-menopausal breast cancer. By shedding the extra pounds you’re being gentle to your liver, are less likely to get diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure. By keeping your weight in check you shape more than your body. You literally create your future health!


Shortcut to shrinking a size

One of the healthiest and most gentle ways to losing weight is boosting your metabolism. And even though player number one is exercise, food works its magic too. You can either use the food you eat as energy in your muscles, you can generate heat to keep yourself warm or use it as a padding around your hips.


Cause and effect

Eating whole grains, beans, fruits & veg which are naturally low in fat boosts metabolism for many reasons. Since these foods are high in fibre, your blood sugar is well-balanced. This is important because instead of storing glucose from food as fat, you burn it off as energy. Result? After you’ve finished your porridge with some fruit salad, you start burning calories up to 16% faster. Now imagine, you eat like this all the time!


Fat burning foods

To make it easy on you there are some fast fat-burners you can add to your menu in a blink of an eye and spices are some of them. They work as antioxidants and help fight inflammation while speeding up your metabolism. You can start with black pepper or ginger to get a kick, but the number 1 fat-burner is:

  • Chilli – it turns your cheeks rosy and your fingertips warm up after you eat a spicy curry. It’s because a phytochemical called capsaicin, which is found in chillies, increases your metabolism. Not only does it make you generate some extra heat but also speeds up the fat-melting process inside you.

In addition, capsaicin blocks pain and is used in high concentrations to reduce pain caused by damaged nerves (neuropathic pain).

Tip: When using chillies, be generous and explore a little. Add them to meals when cooking, layer some fresh chopped chilli peppers into your sandwich, sprinkle them over a salad or add to burgers.

Do you get stomach pains or heartburn from eating spicy foods? If so, choose milder varieties of chilli. Also make sure you eat them mixed with other foods as it’s gentler on your stomach.

  • Pumpkin seeds – are rich in an amino acid arginine. This doesn’t only make your metabolism shift up a gear, but also makes your blood flow smoother. You need arginine to produce a compound called nitric oxide. This is important for the flexibility of your blood vessels and prevents blood from clotting. This one really gets your blood flowing!

Tip: When eating pumpkin seeds combine them with some flaxseeds so you get an ideal mix of omega-3 & omega-6 fats. No need to overdo it though. A tablespoon of these seeds per day over your cereal or in a soy yogurt is enough.

  • Citrus fruit– oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits, all are rich source of flavonoids. These phytochemicals useful for speeding up weight loss, can also repair the damage caused by free radicals making you stronger against cancer. Specifically, the compounds found in the citrus zest are protective against breast cancer. In this case you literally can eat the whole fruit 🙂 When doing so, don’t forget to buy organic!
  • Green tea – is full of phytochemicals called catechins. These especially if combined with exercise, make you burn fat faster. In addition, you also get many antioxidants fighting free radicals, protecting you against cancer and lowering the risk for heart disease too.

Tip: Why not use all the benefits of green tea by eating it rather than drinking a brewed tea? If you haven’t tried, give matcha tea a go. It’s bitter – great for your immunity and digestion but by ingesting it you multiply the effect green tea has on your metabolism and overall health. To make it tastier, you can always sweeten it up with some apple juice.

These are just a few super foods which get the fat burning going. And while there are many more on the list, as always, keep in mind that they’re only pieces of the whole puzzle.


Now, I’d love to hear from you! Share with me in the comments below:

1. What spice do you love using? 

2. Do you have a “secret” recipe to warm your body up and get your blood flowing? 

As always thank you so much for sharing.

Happy healthy burning!

With love



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