Give your skin a natural glow before summer checks in


With the warmer days coming in, it’s easy to start dreaming about your summer holiday.

Running on the beach with no make-up on, exposing your face to the sunlight which will give your skin a natural glow. It’s like a dream soon to come true.

Yes, sunny spells can clear some of the stubborn pimples and turn your skin bronze.

But could you take a small short-cut? Absolutely. You can also eat some fruit and veg so the natural glow is supported by health from inside your body.



Orange for natural glowing skin

Your skin loves orange in any shade, shape and edible form. Well, natural edible form.

Orange contains Beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant which gives sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkins, cantaloupe, apricots, oranges and papaya their colour. When you love these foods, they love you right back. They generously share their glow with you making your skin more vibrant and full of life.

The effect goes as deep as the very foundation of your skin, right into the cells. Because as UV light from the sun generates free radicals in your body, it makes the skin more likely to create wrinkles.

When you have lots of Beta-carotene in your diet, it stops free radicals before they manage to do any harm. Beta-carotene destroys them while slowing down the process of ageing. The result is that you keep the fresh glowing look while reducing the fine lines on your face to a minimum.


A shortcut to beautiful looking skin?

When it comes to our looks, we often want results fast. And with the desire for fresh looking skin, we’re naturally looking for a shortcut. So, the easiest way may seem to take some supplements. But before you pick a bottle from a shelf containing some Beta-carotene, I’d like you to keep reading. As always there is more to the story.

When you eat this beneficial antioxidant as part of fruits and veg, you have the privilege of enjoying all its protective powers. However, the minute you start taking it as a supplement, research shows that it can harm your health. It has even been linked to causing lung cancer, particularly in smokers.

So instead, dig in and enjoy a giant carrot salad with some apricots on a side!


Cooked vs. raw

If you’re a lover of juicing you may add carrots to every power drink you make. After all carrots are so easy to get and add a lovely sweetness to any vegetable juice you create.

But the truth is that some nutrients are easier to absorb when cooked and Beta-carotene is one of them. When you eat cooked carrots, you get more of this antioxidant than when you eat it raw.

Does it mean you should stop snacking on carrots or enjoying oranges and cantaloupes and instead cook the life out of them? Not at all!

Why restrict yourself when you can supply your skin with living enzymes and vitamin C of raw goodies while hydrating it at the same time! Simply go for the ideal scenario and mix and match when it comes to fresh and raw.

Especially on the hot days. What’s more refreshing than a smoothie or a raw carrot cake, right? ?


Match made in heaven

As Beta-carotene is a fat-soluble vitamin, it’s good to combine it with a little bit of fat in order to increase its absorption. The healthiest option would be to dip a few carrots in some tahini-based hummus, add some chopped cashews into your sweet potato soup or flavour an orange-cantaloupe smoothie with some walnuts.

As you add a few nuts to your orange favourites you’re also increasing the amount of vitamin E in your dietVitamin E is another key player in the health of your skin allowing the natural glow to come out.

It’s an antioxidant which is important in wrinkle prevention, keeping your skin looking healthy and fresh. It also helps fight any signs of inflammation like redness, swellings and even small breakouts supporting clean and flawless complexion.


Fluids can make your skin glow … or not

It goes naturally that with higher temperatures your body is crying out for more fluids. Keeping your skin hydrated helps the cells breath better. To have enough fluids means that your cells can expand and as they stretch like a fully inflated ball, they show off their beauty.

While the best drinks are fresh water, herbal, green or white teas, fruit or herb flavoured water, what is most important is to avoid alcohol.

Yes, it’s easy to give into the happy mood of sunny days while enjoying a breezy Margarita. But research has shown that having a drink or two while sun bathing increases the likelihood of sunburn and skin cancer.

Can you still enjoy a glass or two while keeping your skin hydrated and healthy?

The solution is to save indulgence for the evening hours. But even then keep your head clear. Alcohol is one of the fastest ways to make your skin inflamed and puffy, covering your glow you’ve worked so hard on.

When it comes to having beautiful skin with a hint of colour you can totally get ahead of the season. In fact, you can have a radiant complexion all year around depending on what’s on your menu.

So, let’s enjoy a sweet potato stew with an orange and grapefruit salad on the side, shall we?


Now, I’d like to learn what works for you. Leave a comment below:

1. On what occasion do you notice your skin needs a quick fix to look its best?

2. What do you use as a short-cut to glowing skin?

Thank you so much for sharing. I can’t wait to see you walking around with a radiant looking self.




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