Plant Happy Life

You don’t ever need to feel stuck for ideas on how to make your meals plant happy. See for yourself how you can easily light up your menu and change the meat centered meals for some plant happy goodness.



Easy Plant Happy Menu is the first aid to turn to when everybody around is eating the “usual” way but you’d love to eat the “new” plant happy way. You’ll learn what are the healthy alternatives to the old comfort foods.





Plant Happy Meat Switch Sheet – if you ever get stuck on what to use instead of meat, pick any of the options from here. No doubt, you’ll find your favourite!





Plant Happy Dairy Switch Sheet tells you what to use on your pasta and in any creamy sauce. You’ll learn how to make a cashew cream to replace mozzarella and what is the best alternative to Parmesan.





Plant Happy Eggs Switch Sheet – Now you can leave out eggs from burgers you’re making for dinner. And those muffins you love so much? They don’t need any eggs either.