How to find time to eat healthy


The alarm goes off and your daily routine has begun – lunches and snacks for the kids – check, getting them ready for school -check, iron your clothes for work – check. While nibbling on a bar on your way to work, you suppress that ever returning thought – “I need to find more time to eat healthy. ”

Then, while making a quick cup of coffee at work you’re thinking that tomorrow you’ll get up earlier so you can spare a few extra minutes to have some proper breakfast.



No time to eat healthy

In line with your everyday routine hand on heart, how often do you use the phrase: “If I only had more time, I’d take better care of myself, make healthier snacks, go for a run, go to gym, start juicing, gardening, meditating, you fill in the blanks…

And, as true as it may be that your life is busy from morning ‘til night, let’s admit – “a lack of time” is an easy way out from creating a new habit. A habit which could make a huge difference in the way you feel but requires some effort and energy to start. This is true especially when it comes to eating healthily.


Focus on the results

Stuck in the time pressure mode, it’s natural to think that making porridge for breakfast, chopping up vegetables for a snack, eating more greens, cooking brown rice, making smoothies or preparing your own lunch adds to the work you need to squeeze into your already jam-packed day.

But before you shake your head and get on with your usual tasks, let’s see what you gain from these small additions to your daily routine.

By having a proper breakfast and healthy snacks, you stop nibbling at your desk and keep your blood sugar steady. By eating brown rice you’ll get more vitamins, minerals and fibre, so you feel fuller for longer. When you add a smoothie or an extra portion of greens a day, you’ll bump up the amount of fruit and veg you eat, instantly supporting your immunity while also increasing your energy. And by making your own lunch you’re in charge of what goes into your body rather than allowing the shop around the corner to dictate your meals.


Take your pick

So, let’s turn the spotlight to what you believe could make the biggest difference in the way you feel. Pick one thing, something simple that you’ve been wanting to do for so long… but just haven’t got the time…

Something that you have been missing and what you know will make you say, “Wow, now I actually feel better than ok, I feel really great!”

It can even be an activity, something that would lift your spirits, give you an extra boost, make you smile for hours or add colour and flavour to your day. That one thing your body and soul has been longing and starving for.


Put a number to it

Think of this new habit and imagine its simplest and shortest version. How much time would you really need for it? Chopping, cutting veg, making smoothies, porridge or lunch for work – 5-10 minutes? Exercise, meditation – 10 – 15 minutes? Not bad, right?

Now, think about where from your current duties you could get this time? Could you spend less time on social media or watching TV? Could you wake up 10 minutes earlier or go to bed 10 minutes later? Would it be possible to dedicate 10 minutes of your lunch break to doing some exercise or meditation? When making this decision, keep picturing the benefits of your newly created habit as well as the people around you who’ll experience your healthier, more confident and happier self.


Still busy? Claim your time

When you’re clear on what’s becoming your new routine, you need to schedule it. Set a reminder on your phone, at work, stick notes on your fridge, find a way of having this new goal of yours in front of your eyes all the time.

Think of any possible way that could make it easier for you to execute. Is there any specific time of the day you’re more likely to succeed? Do you need to make a shopping list to buy the fruit and veg so you have them at home ready to use? Would it make sense to create a weekly menu at the weekend so you know what to buy and cook?


Time-saving strategies

There are things you can do to help you spend your time efficiently while staying healthy too. See if you find at least one of these which is the game changer for you.

  • stock up on fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables (berries, broccoli & carrot mix, green mix, Brussel sprouts)
  • prepare bags of your daily greens at the weekend and keep them in the fridge or freezer ready to be used
  • order fruit & veg boxes online & get them delivered to your home or workplace
  • cook brown rice and other whole grains in bigger amounts and freeze 1/2 to use later in the week
  • when cooking dinner, double the portion so you have left-overs for the next day’s lunch
  • when cooking beans, cook at least 2 bags of the same type, then freeze in bags that are sized according to the amounts you would need when cooking meals later in the week
  • at the weekend cook one stew or chilli which you can freeze and use later in the week
  • bake easy and quick goodies at the weekend to satisfy sweet tooth cravings during the week (muffins, banana bread or granola bars are the easiest)

Life can get busy and yes, sometimes your health takes a back seat to everything else. But try and shake it off as soon as you can. Claim those precious moments dedicated to your health back and don’t forget that every healthy bite you take strengthens your body and supports your health.


Now, I’d love to learn from you. Share with me in the comments below:

1. What strategy are you going to try as a time saver?  

2. What healthy habit will you dedicate this time to?  

Thank you so much for sharing and cheers to reorganising, planning, scheduling and DOING!!!




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