Consent Form

Before you choose to use the services of PlantHappyGirl, please read carefully through the following points.

When you come for your first coaching session, I’ll ask you to sign at the bottom of this page.


Understanding Nutritional Therapy and Coaching

I understand that the nutritional coaching using nutritional therapy principles isn’t meant to treat any medical or pathological conditions I may have. The advice I receive during the coaching will be tailored to support my health and general well-being. However it isn’t a substitute for medical advice and treatment should I require one. I’m aware that the suggested dietary and life style changes I’ll receive will aim to reach my goals. However since every individual is different I’m fully responsible for the results I get.



I agree that I’m in charge of my own health and should I have any medical concerns I’ll contact my GP or a medical specialist. I also understand that food can be as powerful as medicine and if I’m currently under medical care I’ll advise my doctor about the nutritional plan I’ll receive. I’ll do so particularly if I’m taking any prescription drugs at this moment. If my doctor or other practitioner wishes to contact PlantHappyGirl regarding my nutritional plan, I’ll give him all necessary details to do so.


I also agree that I’ll advise PlantHappyGirl about any nutritional supplements and medical drugs I take, prior to the start of the nutritional coaching.


I understand that if I’m unclear or have any concerns about any part of my nutritional plan I’ll contact PlantHappyGirl to get complete clarity. I’m also aware that if I’ve any negative physical or emotional reactions to my nutritional plan, I’ll discontinue its use immediately and contact PlantHappyGirl as soon as possible.





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