My Professional Journey

I started my health/happiness seeking journey the minute I became a student of General Nursing School and I saw first- hand what life style can do to people.

I cared for patients who suffered from strokes, heart attack, Alzheimer’s and cancers. And while others around me were saying, well, it’s only natural end of life’, I just couldn’t agree with that. I refused to settle for this to be our fate regardless of what we do. So, I started searching for a recipe, an approach which could not only prevent but perhaps also cure this type of sickness. 


Getting the first answers

At that time, I was also an active ballroom dancer so it seemed natural to get a degree in Sports Management and Training to learn more about lifestyle, nutrition and our performance. However, it wasn’t until I studied at the College of Naturopathic Medicine Dublin and became a Nutritional Therapist, when I started to get my answers.

nutritional therapy

 I was introduced to many different approaches on how to be healthy and eliminate or reduce disease but a plant-based diet made the biggest sense!

I was fascinated by how logical and simple nutrition can be. It amazed me that plant foods can be powerful and soothing at the same time! I realised that the wholefood plant based diet ticks many boxes at once. It’s natural, colourful, satisfying, lifts your spirit, protects the environment and arms you against disease.


  Going deeper

As I wanted to learn more, I started to learn from plant-based physicians like Dr Dean Ornish, Dr Colin Campbell, Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr John McDougall, Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Michael Gregar and others.

I completed a course in Plant Based Nutrition at e-Cornell & the Centre for Nutrition Studies, New York. I loved every bit of it. It expanded my view of health and made me see the body as a fine work of art.

There is no magic bullet we can use to make us feel better and recover from a disease. It’s the WHOLE that matters because everything in us is deeply interconnected. It’s what lands on our tongue every time we eat, what creates the result we carry around.

plant based nutrition

 I was amazed to learn that a wholefood plant based diet can not only prevent disease from happening but in many cases even reverse it. And it includes giants like heart disease, strokes, diabetes, immune-related conditions and in some cases even cancer. Natural plant foods can switch on and off our genes, meaning that we don’t need to feel powerless when we fall sick. We can simply embrace eating beans and greens to maximise our chances of recovery.


Promise to the future

Now my mission is to spread the word and touch everyone who is willing to listen. I make great tasting and healthy meals every day for my precious husband and our two little boys to see them grow happy, healthy and strong. It makes me laugh when they play with their dinosaurs chewing on kale leaves 🙂

I want to show people like you the beauty and power of natural plant foods. How effortless and exciting this lifestyle can be, so you can truly dance through your life!


Work With Me ♥