I’m Lenka and my big passions are food, nature and ballroom dancing. I used to think I could only enjoy these separately. But after I discovered plant based eating I saw that food, nature & dancing are all connected.

You can dance through your life with nutritious foods on your plate honouring nature at the same time! It’s like a breath of fresh air and ….. a delectable piece of chocolate. Once you try it, you don’t want to stop.

vegan chocolate

But if you think I was always about greens, beans and dark chocolate, I must come out with the truth right now. As a child, because of my caring, health-conscious mum, my diet was full of home-made food, high in fruit and veggies without heaps of sugar or sweets. But oh, did I want to eat more of the sugary treats!

I have always had a sweet tooth but with my mum around (luv yeh, mummy), I kept it under control.

Then, as I moved out in my early twenties I jumped straight into the sweet addiction. I used to eat chocolate bars for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact there were days I didn’t eat anything else but  sweet junk. I wished I could break the cycle but every time I tried to ween myself off, I went right back a couple of days later.

I admit, I’ve been very lucky with my health. This roller coaster went on for more than 5 years but apart from fluctuating weight, low energy and indigestion, I seemed to cope just fine. At least in my body. In my mind, it wasn’t as easy. The more you want to quit, the more difficult it seems and the constant failure isn’t exactly a self-esteem booster. I simply found myself in the middle of an addiction not knowing how to get out. 

It took me a lot of trial and error and a lot of studying until I slowly got control over my brain which was totally high-jacked by the addictive foods. I studied nutritional science, watched videos, read books until I finally understood why this was happening to me and how to break the circle.

What did I do? I crowded all the junk out! By eating natural plant foods and naturally sweet treats. I started to become immune to the old frenemies of mine. healthy plant based

Today when I look back, I’m really grateful for going through the moments of weakness followed by rediscovered strength. It taught me that even when you think you can’t change, you still can. What you need is determination and the will to keep trying. The rest is only mechanics which can be eventually figured out.

Your body wants to thrive and even if you slipped off the healthy path, it’s in your power to get back on it.

And the best way to do that? Natural plant foods, of course 🙂 


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