5 unusual ways to eat vegetables


You know it, your partner, kids, your mama knows it, we need to eat our vegetables. But rather than just steaming or grilling them, how about changing things up a bit? How about finding some exciting new ways to eat them?

When you put a little spin on your veggies, you won’t even know how, but you’ll reach 7 or even 9 a day in no time!

The more veggies you enjoy, especially if done in an effortless and fun way, the less space for unhealthy snacks or less nutritious foods. Essentially, you’re crowding out the foods which don’t do your body any good while loading up on vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fibre. With every veg bite you take you’re feeding the good bacteria in your gut plus enjoying alkaline foods helping you balance the ph in your body.

All of these things, my friend, make up a recipe for less sickness and more health. So, it’s no wonder your body is going to love you for loading up on veggies.


ways to eat vegetables


1. Nipping the hunger pangs in the bud

You’ve just come home from work and after the whole day of keeping yourself on a tight leash, you’re starving. You’d eat just about anything within a 100-metre radius. In these moments when you’re most vulnerable and likely to reach for some junk, it’s time for a fridge party!

That’s right. Open that door of your kitchen temple, go to the crisper box and see what’s in there for you. Is it sweet carrots, refreshing cucumbers or peppery radishes? Or perhaps you prefer the sweetness of snap peas or mangetout. Get those guys out and while making your dinner, snack away on all the veg goodies you’ve found.

After you do that and even after your dinner, just notice how you feel about yourself and the food you ate. Not only are you filled up on some extra goodness, but without realising it you’ve also avoided the temptation you would have normally given in to. Feels pretty good, right?


 2. A formula for perfect sauces

I have a question for you. How do you thicken your sauces? Do you opt for wheat flour, potato or corn starch? How about using some veggies instead? Go by the rule “nothing gets wasted in the house” and  when you come by some shabby looking carrots, celery, parsnips, peppers, simply some veg-leftovers, run them through the food processor and then add to your sauce so it thickens.

If you love juices, the pulp from all the veggies and even from fruits is perfect to use as a thickener. It may even add a little twist to the usual flavours of your meal. As we said, nothing gets wasted. ?


3. Hide and seek

Sometimes it can be a challenge to get our little ones to eat their veggies. But honestly, us adults tend to struggle too.

Especially denser tasting veggies like kale, Pak choi, Brussels sprouts, cabbage or for some beetroot. To deal with this let’s be little playful and camouflage the veggies in the places one wouldn’t expect to find them. All you need is little bit of imagination and a food processor to blend them up.

You can literally use any chopped vegetable in burgers, falafels, as a filler for a pastry or “meat” loaves.  For more tips on how to include the more “difficult” veggies in your meals you can read How to enjoy greens so they become your favourite.


4. Beyond tomato sauce

If you ever get tired of using tomato sauce over your pasta, you don’t need to any more. Veggies will help you turn one recipe into many variations so everyone around the table is satisfied.

Do you like sweet potato? How about cooking it into a mash, adding a splash of plant milk, pureeing and mixing together with your favourite pasta. Then, add some salt, pepper or any other spice you wish and voila! – the ultimate easy and nutritious recipe is born.

Are you up for a Cruciferous party? Cook a head of broccoli or cauliflower with a few potatoes (adds a “gooiness”) until soft. Puree, flavour with your favourites from the spice kingdom and a super-cancer fighting sauce is yours to serve.


5. Sweet treats with a nutritious punch

Who says that sweet, baked goodies need to be made of flour and sugar only!

Desserts are great for adding some special vitamins from veggies. Which ones work best? The sweet types like sweet potato or beetroot for sure. But there are also those guys you wouldn’t expect to find in the sweet places. How about adding some spinach to macaroons or zucchini to sweet tasting bread? They add moisture without changing the final flavour. And you never know your kiddies might just love the Emerald Macaroon bites.

Eating more veggies can be, and honestly should be, fun. When you find your favourite ways to eat them, it’ll become a lifestyle you can easily stick with. Then with love and joy, rather than force, you keep enjoying the power of veggies every day.  Once you do, your body is going to say a huge “thank you”.


Now it’s your turn. Meet me in the comments below as I’d love to know:

Which one of these new ways of eating veggies are you going to try and why?

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me.

With love


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