3 ways to settle runny tummy


When you have a runny tummy for no obvious reason, it’s more than just annoying. You may struggle to finish a meeting at work or keep waking up at night because you have to go.

If you’ve just picked up a bug and your body is simply trying to clear it out, all will settle within 3-4 days. But if your tummy is troubling you often and you pay visits to the bathroom more than you’d like, you may need to make a few simple tweaks to your diet.



First change to make – go dairy free.

Are you that kind of person who can’t be without a cheese sandwich or a dairy yogurt for breakfast? Have you tried cutting back, but the smell of a cheezy pizza always gets you? If so, cutting out dairy might be the most important thing you do for yourself and your health.

We often crave, what’s far from good for our body. It’s like forbidden fruit tastes best. And the same goes with dairy.  The addictive powers of the casomorphines our gut creates after having some dairy, makes you have a mouthful every time you get a sight of brie. But, if you have problems digesting the sugar – lactose, or dairy proteins – casein and whey, you have to deal with the diarrhoea all too often.

So, what’s the first help? Simply find yourself great tasting plant-alternatives to your old milky favourites. You can choose from so many different plant milks, plant creamers and today even plant-based cheeses. All you need to do to make the swap, is doing your shopping in the right aisle of the supermarket.


Too much fat or oils?

Oils are 100% processed food which you don’t need in your diet. They are not giving you any significant amount of nutrients or improving your health. All they do is, supply pure energy, and I mean a lot of it. A tablespoon of oil has 135 Kcal, something you can easily cut out! And it doesn’t matter whether it’s virgin, cold pressed olive or coconut oil.

Now, imagine you have a tbs of oil in salad for lunch, then some oil rich pesto on your bread, and another tablespoon of oil in your dinner. That’s close to 3 tbs worth of oil which can easily upset your tummy!

Why would this happen?

In order to digest fat, your liver produces bile acids right to your intestine. These bile acids should be absorbed back in the last part of the large intestine but sometimes they aren’t. When this happens, these acids cause irritation in your colon, making you run to the toilet.

What’s the solution? Stick with nuts, ditch the oils.

Food tastes just as great when cooked in vegetable broth or when you caramelise onions in water. But even with healthy nuts, watch out and treat them as a delicacy. To enjoy their healthy fats without upsetting your stomach stick with a maximum of 2 handfuls (1 if watching your weight) of natural nuts a day.

Now if you suffer from constipation and think that the easiest solution is to add some oils to your diet, hold on for a second. There is a much healthier way of keeping you regular and you can read all about it in Super healthy, worth gold, but costs nothing!


Could it be fibre?

When you shift to natural plant foods and make too many changes too quickly, it can be a lot for your body to take on. At least at the beginning if you change 180 degrees, you might feel bloated and have a runny tummy. In that case, simply slow down. Your gut needs some time to adjust to the amount of fibre you eat.

The place to start is cutting back on beans. Their hard shell is made from a resistant starch which takes more effort for your gut to digest. Especially if you are new to them, they can create some discomfort and make your tummy feel like a balloon.

To stop it, have beans, peas and lentils only every second day and eat no more than ½ cup. Also, if cooking them yourself, make sure you soak them for at least 12 hours first. Then, cook them in fresh water with 1/2 tsp of sodium bicarbonate added, so the shell becomes easier for your body to break down.

The second thing to watch for, is the amount of raw veggies you eat. Raw veggies can be a little bit rough and if you have a sensitive gut, they can upset you too. So if that’s the case, for a few days stick to gently cooked and steamed vegetables, soups and stews. To see more tips on how to settle a bloated tummy you can read Tired of feeling bloated? Try this…


You can make these changes to your diet one at a time. But when you need help urgently and stopping diarrhoea is a life and death matter, combine them together. Then, your relief will come really quickly.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. Share with me in the comments below:

What’s your experience with runny tummy and how you deal with it? 

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